A sustainable park

Our Commitment to a More Sustainable World

Developing a “sustainable” park means learning to live within the limits of a single Planet: without exploiting and depleting the natural systems from which we draw resources and without exceeding their ability to absorb waste generated by our activities.


Our family has always expressed its love for Nature in the care of the park: our biggest investment is in looking after the garden, which houses a wide variety of plants and shrubs and a significant biodiversity.


But our commitment does not stop here: over the years we have adopted several solutions that allow us to minimize the negative impact on Nature. For a concrete commitment to environmental protection, we have installed water-saving showers which use a solar panel system for their heating.


This solution saves us up to 50mw/year of electricity and about 1.2 million liters of water/year. Moreover, for some years now plastic has been removed from all stores, replaced by fully compostable bioplastics; also, a separate waste collection system has been implemented, this allows us to differentiate up to 90% of the waste produced in the park. To further encourage the culture of recycling, thanks to an important partnership, we have installed in the park a machine for the recovery of plastic bottles. Also, we organize special days of funny activities to bring children closer to the world of sustainability.


Finally, all our pools are disinfected by ozone, an ecological product created by the oxygen in the air and after purifying the water, it returns to oxygen without causing any kind of pollution.

1,2 mln liters

water saving

50 Mw

electricity saving


recycled waste


for water purification

Plastic free

we use bioplastic only


Here at Parco Cavour we are constantly committed to promoting environmental sustainability.

To encourage the use of low environmental impact means of transport, we have installed charging stations for electric bikes.

We are delighted to offer this opportunity to our Guests and hope they can join us in our commitment to a greener world.