Park rules

Park rules

1. The entrance fee is not refundable under any circumstances!


2. The possible closure of the attractions due to technical factors, climate or lack of electricity does not entitle you to a refund of all or part of the ticket.


3. The management reserves the right to close the Park at any time for the protection and safety of guests, without any refund.


4. The Park does not assume any responsibility for accidents or injury to persons or to property, caused by irresponsible or dangerous behaviour.


5. To ensure the safety of our guests, the access to some slides or attractions may be subject to particular restrictions. Each attraction has its own rules, instructions are exposed at the entrance of each one.


6. The management also reserves the right to limit at any time a guest to use slides or attractions in the case of inappropriate or dangerous behaviour to himself or to other guests.


7. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and constantly looked after by an adult.


8. The access to the Water Park Cavour is subject to entrance fee, and is reserved to holders of entrance tickets seasonal pass. Guests without permission may be removed from the Park.


9. There are sunbeds for rent, at a rental fee, subject to availability.


10. There are sun-umbrellas free of charge, subject to availability. It is prohibited to bring into the Park personal umbrellas.


11. All the facilities/structures provided are to be used by great respect.


12. It is prohibited to bring into the Park glass containers, stoves and barbecues.


13. The Park requires a respectful dress code, behavior and sensibility towards minors. It is recommended to use swimsuits of shapes and sizes such as not to offend the sensibility of other guests and made of suitable materials to products used for water treatment of pools. Guests with inappropriate swimsuits may be not allowed by lifeguards to access attractions or swimmingpools.

14. It is recommended to use suitable swimsuits for children under 3 years.


15. It is not permitted to smoke close to or on the border of the pools, inside the attractions or nearby.


16. It is not permitted to eat and drink close to or on the border of the pools, inside the attractions or nearby.


17. No animals are allowed into the Park


18. It is not allowed to enter the Park with bicycles, skateboards, skates, …


19. It is prohibited to light fires or throw paper and rubbish outside the appropriate trashbins.


20. It is recommended to immediately report any accident to the lifeguards, who shall examine its entity. False declarations will be criminally prosecuted.


21. Video surveillance systems are active in some areas of the park for the sole purpose of supervising the safety and protection of people. The images will be viewed exclusively by park security personnel, judiciale or police authorities and they will be destroyed after 24 hours.


22. Announcements are not released in order to avoid concerns.


It is also strictly forbidden:


23. The use of slides for people with heart problems, for pregnant women, and in general, for those in precarious health conditions.


24. To run by the pool, to play dangerous games, to dive, to slide upside down standing or on knees.


25. To climb on masonry structures, on the rocks or the aquatic structures.


26. All slides, pools and attractions will close at 6:45 pm, that is 15 minutes before the Park closes