More than 45 years of fun

The story of a family who believes in a dream

This is the story of a man who had a dream of which he believed in, working all his life together with his family to make it happen.

Mr. Ferruccio Bighelli, in the 60s, after a life spent doing blacksmith togheter with his wife decided to buy some land on the border between the provinces of Verona and Mantua.

This area is particularly pretty and attractive, surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful vineyards, Mr. Bighelli, that from childhood keeps the nickname Cavour, began to design his dream: an amusement park that would allow everyone to spend a day having fun, an ecological water park.

It is not very frequent, that a person with the business sense and the taste to undertake, both at the same time, sensitive to the beauty of nature and wishes to commit not only to preserve it, but also to increase it. The Parco Acquatico Cavour is an enterprise, which produces and sells amusement, surrounded by the beauty and the peacefulness of nature. It all began with the construction of a semi-Olympic swimming pool and some tennis courts. But the idea of Mr. Bighelli was another, the creation of a pool that had all the appearances of a natural pond.

Thus was born in the early 80s, the first pool existing in Europe with sand bottom. The success of this first pool was immediate, it was an absolute novelty that led visitors to appreciate the park more and more.. Meanwhile the park was enriched with new plants, flowers and the gentle scopes of the lawns had become soft carpets.

Then arose various dining and service points, shaded areas, benches for picnics scattered in the 200.000 square meters park. It was really forward-thinking the idea of creating a place of tranquility and relaxation away from city stress, the real problem of our time is to create original structures for complete wellness and pleasure for the person.

From that distant 1978, the park has constantly expanded, new structures has come to life to guarantee visitors new experiences. Many projects have been completed successfully and the dreams have come true, always accompanied by customer satisfaction and a continous increasing number of visitors. We hope you will fully enjoy this beautiful place.