The ozone properties

“Robinson’s Beach”, “Paradise Island”, “Percorso kneipp” and the large whirlpool, have been enriched with a modern disinfection system of OZONE with antiseptic properties, antifungal and antiviral properties and the ability to improve circulation and tissue oxygenation.




Cellulite, acne, skin aging, loss of tone and capillary fragility, circulatory problems. The cycle of ozone production is ecological: it is in fact created by the oxygen present in the air and, after having purified water, returns to oxygen without causing any kind of pollution.

There are many other benefits of using ozone in swimming pools:

About 300 times more active than clorine in the destruction of bacteria and viruses.

Ozone does not smell.

Ozone is a disinfectant and an oxidant among the most powerful in nature. It is imperceptible, both on the skin and diving with eyes open (non-irritating)